Our team at UNA is always poised for growth and ready to pivot in order to serve the needs of our various clients. Since our company’s inception in 2011, we have grown exponentially in size. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing Tax, Auditing, and Accounting Firms in the country. Do you want to be a part of our family? Read on.



We take pride in the exemplary services of everyone in our team and offer above-average compensation packages. Our company understands that we will not be where we are now if not for our valuable team members. We stand by this thrust: a WIN-WIN philosophy. Our employees are our partners and lifeblood. We assist one another in attaining our common goals.

Our primary objective is to improve the quality of life of stakeholders, employees, clients, and our community. Our leaders and team commit to using our gifts and strengths as an individual, a team, and a company as a whole unit to achieve these goals. Thus, we look for the best candidates who can fit and thrive in our company culture.

To contribute in the improvement of the quality of life of stakeholders, employees, clients and community by using our gifts and strengths as an individual, a team and a company as a whole.

We want driven individuals who aspire to serve, offer their best, and show eagerness to learn because this is the only way we can continue to evolve for the better. In our firm, we embrace the culture of learning given that there are many changes and updates with regards to government rules and regulations. On top of that, there are also many changes with Accounting and Auditing Standards that our team has to stay abreast with. Updating our knowledge and skills prove to be the best way to serve our clients well.

Though accounting deals with objective figures, number crunching is not as easy as it seems. The stress can be quite taxing, especially with many deadlines looming on the horizon. However, though there are many challenges, our company leaders commit to help and ensure that everyone who comes into are fold will learn with all our collaborations. We make sure that our team is equipped with the right tools, the proper knowledge, and the best skills.

For this reason we provide training and mentorship to assure continual professional development. Our goal is to expose our staff to various industries so that each one can expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Apart from technical skills, we also train our team to be exemplary leaders, excellent speakers, and great customer service providers. We aim for a holistic development. At UNA, we prioritize a growth mindset which can only come if we all value learning and continue to aspire for character formation. 

Be a part of our growing team of experts! If you join our fold, you will work with globally competitive professionals who can help you harness your full potential. With guidance, you can further sharpen your technical and analytical skills. Most of all, you will have the opportunity to exercise leadership, allowing you to gain confidence. 



Senior Accountant


The senior accountant reviews and prepares all financial reports and ascertains the effectiveness, adequacy, and strict compliance of all accounting policies and procedures. On top of that, this personnel is in charge of coordinating with the clients regarding required documents or other data needed for the effective performance of services. As a liaison to the clients, an added task includes providing regular updates on their specific status. Above all, the Senior personnel holds responsibility over supervising the day to day activities of the team to ensure all targets are met. Please click here for the full job description.

Junior Accountant


Reporting to the Senior Accountant, the Junior Accountant will be assigned with either any or combination of the following tasks such as the generation of monthly financial statements, analysis of account movements, journal entries, monthly and quarterly & annual tax compliance report, review of payroll and tax computations and possibly assistance in special projects. Please click here for the full job description.

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