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Hazel Nicolasora

Hazel is the founder and managing partner of the Firm.  With over 22 years of experience in the accounting industry, she provides leadership and vision to the Firm instilling a sense of  confidence and pride in all who work at UNA.

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Human Resource Manager

 Felix Nicolasora is in charge of HR.  He makes sure that we get the best fit candidates to be part of our team.  He also takes care of our existing teams to ensure that they are fully engaged with us.

Felix Nicolasora

Arthur Isla

Operations Manager

Arthur manages our teams of fully qualified and committed accountants.  He makes sure that clients receive the quality service and expertise they deserve by passing on his extensive knowledge and strong passion for accounting to our team members.

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Reyward Arce

Senior Associate

Rey is one of our senior associates.  He is responsible in coaching his team members deliver quality and above expected results.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and creative thinking to help clients meet their objectives.

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Leni is one of our senior associate who sees to it that her team members are working efficiently and effectively to serve the best interest of our clients.  Our clients appreciate his personable yet focused approach, as well as his keen dedication to understanding their unique situations.

Ma. Gelenie Diaz

Senior Associate

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