What to Expect

when you Join Our Fold


Generous leave credits

Training Opportunities

Above-average remuneration

Performance-based bonuses

Health and Life Insurance

At UNA, our people are our best assets. Thus, we train, educate, and hone our team members to be the best version of themselves. We want to make sure you can professionally and confidently face any type of client. Hence, we provide training sessions and coaching to ensure that everyone is updated regarding the forever-changing field of Tax, Audit, and Accounting. When you join our fold, expect the following benefits: 


With UNA, you have seamless opportunities for growth because we make sure you can continuously upgrade your skills. And as such, we also offer an Employees Engagement and Activities program that give our team a chance to bond with each other. Our activities also help the community because our company can only thrive this well because of their support. We want people who can commit to make this happen.


Are you ready to deal with the demands of clients and the strict deadlines efficiently and effectively? If you believe you have what it takes or you have the passion and determination to learn, we would love to work with you.


Submit your application to us so you can begin using your knowledge and skills to help stakeholder and clients achieve there goals. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than using what you have studied and learned to help them. Apart from the extensive remuneration package and benefits, nothing beats the fulfillment of helping and seeing clients thrive with your help amid a competitive industry. 

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